I’ve started using Twitter again. I think it’ll be a good platform to house all of my useless thoughts that I say to myself, but no one is around to hear them. Follow me @flosseverday.

and you’re welcome.

I’m on a big inspirational kick right now. I’m all gung ho about big changes in life and for myself.


  • possibly cutting my hair off and/or changing my hair color
  • getting some well needed and well deserved tattoos
  • eating healthy again. I need to do something other than eating chicken and oatmeal for my meals. Can’t do those again. Blech.
  • being lazy and exercising. minimal at first, then ramp that shit up.
  • drink more water.


  • this
  • curry
  • get more creative with my clothing. Throw out the old bits I don’t wear or use anymore.
  • more experimental with my makeup. I’m digging wearing colored mascara.
  • i’m lacking in the jewelry department when it comes to work; so wear more jewelry at work. I mostly wear it on my days off.
  • be nicer and give people the benefit of the doubt.
  • read more [comics]

It’s funny how little spurts of wisdom and inspiration can change an outlook. I just hope for my sake, it sticks and I work hard in keeping these going.